Get a Garden Started

vegetable-gardenIf you would like to start growing fruits and vegetables in your backyard you are in luck.  We are going to show you a few options on how you can cheaply and easily start growing fresh, organic crops.

Options for growing a garden.

Aquaponics systems – Aquaponics is a fairly new technique which requires a bit more setup but more quickly grows your plants.  You can learn to setup your a diy aquaponics system here.

Growing in pots – Probably the most well known way of gardening is simply growing in pots.  Nothing special here, just get to it!

Raised grow bed – One of the biggest issues with a garden is rodents and bugs eating the fruits of your labor.  With a raised grow bed you are able to close off the bottom from gophers and you can add extra barriers from other varmints and bugs